Business Intelligence Consulting

Looking for consulting in regards to business intelligence? You can work with websiteTOON to gain insights about your business. We have helped many clients gather and automate data collection. Based in Mississauga, we serve clients across the Greater Toronto Area. 


Transform your raw data into meaningful information to make smarter decisions. There’s a lot of value in business intelligence and analytics. We recommend using Zoho Analytics, a business intelligence and reporting software. We are a partner with Zoho, and this partnership allows us to provide more services at an affordable price. 

How are we different from competitors?

  • We provide various consulting services. 
  • Our team members have the technical skills to integrate and implement Zoho applications. 
  • We have a lot of experience and expertise with business intelligence and analytics. 
  • Our prices are lower than others because we are an authorized Zoho partner. 
  • We can help you regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your company. 
  • Our experts will continue to consult and support you. 







Why switch to Zoho?

Zoho Analytics is a web-based and self-service software that’s an ideal tool for business owners who want to extract value out of raw data. With all the features available, you can create reports and dashboards with the click of a few buttons. You’re also able to combine data from multiple sources, collaborate with others online, and access analytics from your desktop or mobile device. 

Business Intelligence Consulting-Brampton
Business Intelligence Consulting-Brampton

What our clients are saying about us

“I called and spoke with the founder of the company, Justin. In a matter of minutes, I knew his agency could assist me. He was knowledgeable and not afraid to share his insights with me. I got a great quote, and I have no regrets about hiring them. I don’t have a business background, so I wanted some help in the business intelligence area. Thank you Justin and thanks to your team for assisting my company.”

-Deane M. 

 “Where do I even begin? The folks at websiteTOON were incredible. I know for a fact my business would not be where it is today if not for Justin and his team. They shared things with me I never even thought of before. Now whenever I make a business decision, I look at data and take a different approach. To this day, I still think about what I learned from working with Justin.”

-Elise B. 

 “Thanks for teaching me more about business intelligence and how to use data to my advantage. For a time, I didn’t pay much attention to data and analytics. After working with websiteTOON, I see the importance in using all the information I have when making decisions that affect my business.”

-Jo N. 

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Business intelligence doesn’t have to be complicated. We will consult with you and simplify analytics, so you can understand how to optimize your business better. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 647-987-8780 or send an email to [email protected]