Inventory Analytics Consulting For Businesses 

Are you interested in inventory consulting for your business? You don’t need to figure out everything on your own when you can hire a professional consultancy to assist you. Managing your inventory is an integral part of many businesses, especially those with a lot of products and customers. Our goal is to come up with custom inventory solutions that make sense for your company. The system you use to keep track of your goods should be effective and easy to use. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. At websiteTOON, we specialize in digital marketing and consulting solutions for small as well as medium sized businesses. We are based in Mississauga, Ontario, serving clients across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). 

Why choose websiteTOON for inventory consulting?

  • We are experienced. Over the years, we have worked with many clients in a number of industries from retail to real estate. Our team has gained a lot of knowledge and expertise in inventory management. We are excited to share what we know with you and your team. 
  • We learn about your business, so we can come up with custom inventory solutions. Our team will spend time getting to know your needs and budget. After all, every business is different. 
  • We implement applications and features that make sense for you. Our team members can ensure the implementation process goes smoothly. We are able to migrate all your data over to a new platform. 
  • We analyze and monitor the results. Our experts generate reports to give you insights on your customers and your company. We will leverage what we know and make changes accordingly. 

Why choose Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics used to be Zoho Reports. It is a web-based software that allows business owners to see raw data and reports. There are different features that make it easy to track key business metrics. You can take a large volume of data and create reports to visualize the numbers. There’s even a Zoho Analytics app, so you can access your data on your iOS or Android device. 

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Read testimonials from our clients

“Thank you websiteTOON for all your help. I had a few common inventory issues with my business throughout the years. That’s why I decided to work with Justin and his team. They were helpful and supportive. I couldn’t be happier with their services and the price I paid. It was worth every penny because they solved my inventory concerns.”

-Tracy M.

“I appreciate everything websiteTOON did for me and my team. Justin spent time learning about my business and asked a lot of good questions. They implemented effective inventory solutions and trained my staff until everyone was on the safe page. I couldn’t have asked for more. The results exceeded all of my expectations.”

-Harris L. 

“I highly recommend websiteTOON and their inventory consulting services. They changed my business for the better. It’s been a lot easier to manage our inventory, especially now that some tasks are automated. I don’t have to worry or stress out over what products we have and what we need to order. I enjoyed working with a great team.”

-Megan D. 

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Do you want to learn more about our inventory consulting services? You can call us at 647-987-8780 or [email protected]We are happy to answer any questions you have and help your business.