How To Use Zoho Desk

Do you want to learn about how to use Zoho Desk? This video will give you a basic introduction. Zoho Desk is a help desk software that helps small to medium-sized businesses with customer service.

Zoho Desk Dashboard

When you log in to Zoho Desk, you will see the tickets you have. At the top of your screen, you will see tickets, knowledge base, customers, reports, activities, community, social, and chat.

In the left-hand column is the headquarters, team feeds, views, agent queue, teams queue, tags.

On the top right, there is a magnifying glass that allows you to conduct a search. The plus icon beside it allows you to create an entry. Next to the plus button is an icon for notifications. The gear icon takes you to the setup and configuration page. You can search for different settings at the top. You will see that the setup section is broken down into

  • channels
  • general
  • customization
  • automation
  • users and control
  • data administration
  • marketplace
  • and developer space.

Under channels, you will find email, help center, chat, community, social, phone, web forms, and ASAP.

In general, you can access company, rebranding, business hours, customer happiness, products, departments, Zia, and trial extension.

With customization, you can access ticket status, layouts and fields, time tracking, modules, templates, general settings, and personal settings.

Automation has assignment rules, notify, workflows, blueprint, macros, escalate (SLA), supervise, support contract, and schedules.

Users and control displays agents, teams, and permissions. 

Under data administration, you will find import/export, bulk actions log, recycle bin, and Zwitch.

Marketplace displays all, Zoho, Microsoft, and others. 

Last but not least is developer space where you can see API, functions, webhooks, mobile SDK, and build extensions.

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