Customer Service Analytics Consulting For Companies 

Are you interested in consulting with regards to customer service analytics? We can assist your company to identify and automate your data collection. At websiteTOON, we help clients in the Greater Toronto Area transform raw data into meaningful information. That way, you can make better business decisions. By extracting value out of your customer service analytics, you will have more information about your customers and their behaviors.

What makes us unique?

  • We provide consulting services for companies. We have helped clients migrate to Zoho, consulted businesses about analytics, and everything in between. 
  • Our team is skilled in analyzing data and automating the collection process. You don’t have to do everything manually. Zoho Analytics makes it easy to create dashboards and reports with the click of a button. 
  • We have experience and knowledge. Our experts are more than willing to share what we know with you. Over the years, we’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t work. 
  • We have low rates because we partner with Zoho. They have affordable pricing options for their partners, and in turn, we can offer our clients the same. 
  • We will consult and support you as best we can. It doesn’t matter what your budget is or which industry you’re in. 









Customer Service Analytics Consulting For Companies - Mississauga

Why choose Zoho Analytics for your business?

Zoho Analytics is trusted by many brands across the world. It is perfect for business owners who are looking to make the most out of their data and analytics. The software is web-based and there’s even an app for iPhone and Android users, so you can access Zoho Analytics even on the go. There are a lot of different features that enable you to visualize your data at a glance. You can combine data from various spruces and collaborate securely with other members of your team. 

What our clients are saying about our services

“I got in touch with websiteTOON and started working with them right away. I gained many insights into my company and customers I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Justin was super helpful and consulted with me. I didn’t use Zoho Analytics before working with them, but now I swear by it. I definitely recommend both websiteTOON and Zoho.”

-Tara J. 

 “My company has grown the most this past year, and it continues to grow. I attribute a great deal of the success to websiteTOON and their consulting services. They helped me manage my customer service analytics. I learned how to better market to my target audience, and it’s paid off.”

-Max B. 

 “I have nothing negative to say about websiteTOON. I had a positive experience and productive conversations with Justin. He has a great team as well. If you’re looking for insights into your analytics, you should check them out. 

Customer Service Analytics Consulting For Companies - Brampton

Get in touch with us and learn more.

If you have questions about customer service analytics, call us at 647-987-8780 or email [email protected]. We are happy to answer your questions about our consulting services.