With This Mindset, We Created Our Mission

We started off as a social media consulting firm. Our primary clients were some of the big box retailers in Canada. We consulted in areas of operations, social media, and marketing. After working with various clients in different industries, we realized that technology was moving at a rate that was virtually impossible for clients to keep up. The times of being conservative in R&D spending, and in choosing a “reactive” approach was becoming detrimental to companies.

We realized that for corporations to stay competitive globally, they needed a “Trusted Adviser.” Someone to help them understand the power and potential of online marketing and software development.

Our First Year

In our first year we completed over 300 websites. We’ve achieved a monopoly over some sectors in the cities: Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto. We are proud to become one of the fastest growing online marketing and software development company. Our team has grown to over 12 members and now includes: account managers, search engine professionals, web designers, and software developers.